Cheoy Lee Yachts have been continuous boat-builders for over 135 years building a whole range of small ships from ocean-going tugs, large catamaran ferries (Australian Designed), landing craft, tankers, patrol boats and a range of luxury ocean-going yachts.

In the early 60’s Cheoy Lee was a pioneer in the development, testing and use of fibreglass in vessel construction followed by GRP/foam sandwich construction, the main method of today’s construction for luxury yachts.

Cheoy Lee Shipyards build a large number of commercial and luxury pleasure craft.


Commercial vessels such as ocean-going tugs, special-purpose vessels for oil & gas pipe-laying and service vessels that are built for the operators on the North-West shelf of Australia, haulage tugs for the Panama Canal Authority, Patrol and Pilot vessels for many countries including Australia are all part of the Cheoy Lee ship-building business.


Separate factories all within the same complex specialise in steel hulls, aluminium, fibreglass and now composite materials.  Expertise from these operations also assist the Luxury Yacht Division.  This is why the Cheoy Lee engine rooms are simply so well ‘put together’.  It is the know-how from all the other sections of the company that is used in the Super-Yacht Yard.


One of the world’s latest luxury yachts, the MARCO POLO, was built in the Cheoy Lee yard.  It is a steel hull with composite superstructure, the combination of which was only possible in two yards in the world.  Cheoy Lee was awarded the construction due to their experience and expertise.